Ready and Custom Made Sagwan Sankheda Style Hindola (Swing)

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These beautiful Wooden Sankheda Style Hindolas (Swings) are made from high-quality Sagwan wood and are beautifully painted and finished. They can be made in 18 colour combinations. and five sizes 2.5 Feet, 3 Feet, 3.5 Feet, 4 Feet and 5 Feet Sizes.

We have colour combination No:14; 2 Feet and 2.5 Feet in stock. We can customize this product (Size & Colour) please select the relevant option. Please note custom made items can take 2 to 4 weeks to make.  

The approximate measurements are:

2 Feet Size has a seating area of 8 by 10 inches (outer measurement) and 7 by 9 inches (inner measurements)

2.5 Feet Size has a seating area of 15 by 13 inches (outer measurement) and 13 by 11 inches (inner measurements)

3 Feet Size has a seating area of 15 by 15 inches (outer measurement) and 13 by 13 inches (inner measurements)

3.5 Feet Size has a seating area of 18 by 18 inches (outer measurement) and 16 by 16 inches (inner measurements)

4 Feet Size has a seating area of 18 by 18 inches (outer measurement) and 16 by 16 inches (inner measurements) 

5 Feet Size has a seating area of 21 by 21 inches (outer measurement) and 19 by 19 inches (inner measurements)

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