Dosau Bavan Vaishnavon ki Varta (Story of 252 Vaishnavas) in English

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Dosau Bavan Vaishnavon ki Varta is available in three Volume and each volume contain two parts viz. Part 1 and 2 by Vraja Kishori Publications translated by Krishnaa Kinkari in English.

This Volume is the backbone of the literature of the Path of Grace. The 252 stories recount the lives of these regular people who are transformed by their meeting with Shree Vallabhacharya. This is the first time this vast volume has been translated word for word and accurately into English. It come in 3 volume and each volume have two parts.

This is the first word to word translation into English of this very important Pushtimargi Text. With excellent artwork this a tidy and well linked publication with numerical and alphabetical lists and a comprehensive glossary.

252 Vaishnavon ki Varta. Hardback. 1000 pages 3 volume sets.

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