Jod Mor Chandrika

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These beautiful Jod Mor Chandrikas come in 8 different sizes. They also have different coloured small feathers and/or Jari decoration. 

The approximate size of the 

Single Chandrika with Single Decoration is 4 cm Width and 7 cm Height 

Three ni Jod Chandrika with Single Decoration is 9 cm Width and 7 cm Height 

Five ni Jod Chandrika with Single Decoration is 7 cm Width and 6 cm Height (need sorting) 

Five ni Jod Chandrika with Double Decoration is 11 cm Width and 9 cm Height

Small Five ni Jod Chandrika with NO Decoration is 7 cm Width and 6 cm Height- 7

Medium Five ni Jod Chandrika with NO Decoration is 7 cm Width and 8 cm Height -8 STOCK

Large Five ni Jod Chandrika with NO Decoration is 9 cm Width and 8 cm Height- -5 STOCK

X-Large Five ni Jod Chandrika with NO Decoration is 17 cm Width and 13 cm Height -18 STOCK

Sevan ni Jod Chandrika with Decoration is 12 cm Width and 10 cm Height 

Sevan ni Jod Chandrika with NO Decoration is 10 cm Width and 7 cm Height 


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