Khus Bungalow

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The beautiful Khus Bungalow has hand crafted embroidery work. The Khus bungalow is adaptable and easily assembled using the tie strings. The side panels, top panel and back panel are all adjustable. The bungalow can be used with or without the top or back panels if required. 

This khus bungalow is approximately

12 Inches tall; 12 Inches. Wide and 12 Inches. Deep. 

14 Inches tall; 14 Inches. Wide and 14 Inches. Deep. 

16 Inches tall; 16 Inches. Wide and 16 Inches. Deep. 

18 Inches tall; 18 Inches. Wide and 18 Inches. Deep. 

20 Inches tall; 20 Inches. Wide and 20 inches. Deep. 

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