Wooden Folding Sinhasan

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These beautiful Wooden Folding Sinhasan are available in different sizes.

The approximate sizes are : 

Extra Small - No.1:

Width: 5.5 Inches, Depth: 3.5 Inches, Height:5 Inches

Small -No.2:

Width: 6 Inches, Depth: Inches, Height: 5.5 Inches

Standard  -No.3:

Width: 7 Inches, Depth: 4.5 Inches, Height: 6 Inches

Medium -No.4:

Width: 8 Inches, Depth: 5 Inches, Height: 6.5 Inches

Large -No.5:

 Width: 8.5 Inches, Depth:5.5 Inches,Height: 7 Inches

Extra Large -No.6:

 Width: 9 Inches, Depth: 5.5 Inches,Height: 8 Inches


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