Kundan With Moti Metal Meenakari Painted 3D Khilona (Animal toys)

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These beautiful Kundan With Moti Metal Meenakari Painted 3D Khilona (Animal toys) have beautiful art work on them.

These beautiful metal painted 3d khilona are available in two sizes and are sold in pairs. 

The approximate size (Maximum Height) of the khilona is:

Cow (Gaay)Thick: height- 5.5 cm and length- 6 cm

Cows (Gaay) Standard : height- 4 cm and length- 5 cm

Dears (Haran) Standard : height- 6 cm and length- 4.5 cm

Tortoises (Kachbo)Standard : height- 2.5 cm and length- 6 cm

Swans (Hans) Standard : height- 4 cm and length- 5 cm

Camels (Unta) Thick: height- 6 cm and length- 7 cm

Camels (Unta) Standard : height- 5 cm and length- 6 cm

Parrots (Popat) Thick: height- 5 cm and length- 8 cm

Parrots (Popat) Standard : height- 4 cm and length- 7.5 cm

Peacocks (Mor) Thick- height- 6.5 cm and length-  10 cm

Peacocks (Mor) Standard: height- 5.5 cm and length- 8.5 cm

Rabbits (Sasla) Thick- height- 5 cm and length 7 cm

Rabbits (Sasla) Standard: height- 4 cm and length- 5.5 cm

Horses (Ghoda)Thickheight- 5 cm and length- 3 cm

Horses (Ghoda) Standard: height- 1.5 cm and length- 2 cm

Elephants (Haathi)Thickheight- 5 cm and length- 8 cm

Elephants (Haathi) Standard: height-4 cm and length- 6 cm

Kada Karto Peacock (Mor) Thickheight- 5 cm and length- 8 cm

Kada Karto Peacock (Mor) Standard:  height-4 cm and length- 6 cm

Lions (Sinh) Standard: height-4 cm and length- 6.5 cm


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