Brahma Sambandha

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This Brahma Sambandha book by Vraja Kishori Publications translated by Krishnaa Kinkari in English small volume is packed with information about the pushti marg initiation process called brahma sambandha.
Translated from a collection of works by our revered guruji Shri Prathameshji, it explains everything about the mantra and the process.
There is a question and answer section and a good glossary of the terms used.

Here Sri Prathameshji has explained all FAQ about the initiation process within the Path of Grace.

It contains a valuable break down of the 84 syllable mantra. A very revealing book for anyone entering the Pushti Marga who needs to know the ensuing responsibilities of a Vaishnava. Translated from the Hindi. English throughout

Brahma Sambandha .Soft Cover,104 pages


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