Premium Khus Khana / Bungalow

Rs. 5,000.00
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The beautiful Premium Khus Khana / Bungalow are available In Different Sizes.

This khus khana is approximately (outer measurement with hut)

12x12 inches 12 inches height 12 Inches. Wide and 7 Inches. Deep. Front Opening - 7 Inches Wide 6.5 Inches Height.

14x14 inches, 15 inches hight, 14 Inches wide, and 8.5 inches deep. The Front Opening is 7.5 Inches Wide and 7 Inches High.

16x16 inches, 18 inches height 16 Inches. Wide and 10 inches. Deep. Front Opening - 10 Inches Wide 9.5 Inches Height.

18x18 inches, 21 inches height, 18 Inches wide, and 11.5 inches deep. Front Opening-12.5 Inches Wide, 12 Inches Height.

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