Wooden Naav (Boat) With Metal Tin Base (Patra Vali)

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These beautiful Wooden Naav (Boat) With Metal Tin Base (Patra Vali) come in different sizes.

The beautiful Naav (Boat) is flexible and sturdy. Complete with a metal tin base and handcrafted woodwork on the deck it is beautifully painted.

  • Available in 1 foot, 1.5 feet and 2 feet sizes.
  • These boats are made of wood and beautifully painted with durable & long-lasting colours. 
  • They are easily cleanable by wet or dry Cotton Cloth. Please clean them gently, don't scrub.
  • They come with box packing with bubble wrap for safe transportation.
2-feet size is approximately 26" Inches long; 13" Inches wide. The seating compartment is approximately 12.5" Inches wide and 7.5" Inches deep.
With Gumat Height: 13.5 Inches.
    1.5-feet size is approximately 22" Inches long11" Inches wide. The seating compartment is approximately 10" Inches wide and 5" Inches deep.
    1-feet size is approximately 16" Inches long; 9.5" Inches wide  The seating compartment is approximately 8" Inches wide and 4" Inches deep.

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