Glass Pieces (Kanch Abhla)

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These Glass Pieces (Kanch Abhla) are available in different shapes and sizes and are used for decoration. 

The approximate size (Height) is: 

Round Shape

Extra Small: 0.5 cm 

Small: 1 cm 

Medium:  1.5 cm 

Large: 1.75 cm

Extra Large: 2.25 cm

Square Shape:

Small: 0.75 cm 

Rectangle Shape:

Large: 2.75 cm (Length) and 1 cm (Width) 

Diamond Shape:

Small: 1 cm 

Medium: 1.5 cm 

Large: 2.5 cm 

Triangle Shape:

Medium - 1.25 cm  

Leaf / Petal Shape:

Small: 0.75 cm 

Medium: 1.5 cm 

Large: 2.5 cm


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